Our Services


  • Learn and study with the people, the past and present context of the community for deeper understanding of their socio-cultural, ethnics and economics resilience for livelihood option in future.   
  • Empower the CBOs and leader to take collective decision to solve common problems.
  • Energize the function of Self Help Groups (SHGs), youth and Farmers’ Clubs, Federations and Cooperatives etc to transform the community to become more dynamic.
  • Impart trainings on various life skills and trades for youth, women and farmers to enhance their productivity and earnings.
  • Support of formal and Non Formal Education of economically poor children by providing quality education.
  • Facilitate the process of good governance through training of elected representatives, active community participation in gram sabha and panchyat meeting to derive the benefit of welfare schemes.
  • Encourage the community to take part in Jansunwai programme, rallies and public function to highlight common issues for redressal.
  • Promote the core value of social justice, equality, freedom, fairness, solidarity and peace among the people .

Our Involvement

• Community mobilization & Critical analysis
• Non Formal Education
• Job oriented trainings
• Income Generation Programmes (IGPs)
• Health Care
    a. Community health service
    b. Women & Child Health Care
    c. General Health Camps & Nutrition support
• Environment Conservation
• Agriculture
• Care of Physically challenged
• Campaign against Social evils
• Peace & Solidarity building
• Network and Alliance
• Monitoring and Review Process 

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